• Policy on labour safety:  company has policies of administration and management to ensure safety for employees, customers and the community. Our company has been constantly striving to control labour safety to avoid any labor accidents to employees and customers. Our company also invested in management systems to identify sources of labor risks in order to assess and remedy the risks of labor.
  • Policy on product safety: In order to find out the risks and hazards related to the company’s products, our company assure that we not carry on business with products without an approved standard procedure . The approval process adopted by departments, sectors and company executives in order to control the adverse effects to health safety and the environment.
  • Health policy: The company has always focused on understanding and evaluating any risk to the health of employees. Understanding and assessing risks makes our company solved the harm to health, labor productivity of employees. Company has also implemented programs aimed to raise the awareness and responsibility of employees in order to ensure health.
  • Environmental policy: Regarding environmental policy, our company has established a target “developing with Vietnamese environment “. In our company all business activities, manufacturing, services comply with environmental regulations. Our company also regularly improves the manufacturing system in order to make working environment safer, cleaner and more friendly to employees.
  • Quality Policy: Vu Hoang always focus on service quality. The development of product quality policy is both target and the motivation of company in increasingly competitive market . Building quality policy is also one of the traditions which are associated with the brand and reputation of our company Vu Hoang.