EPC wastewater treatment


With a team of extensive experienced experts and engineers  and close collaboration on technology and equipment with reliable local and international partners, Vu Hoang proud to be a professional supplier of technical services and technology in the field of supply water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Vu Hoang always appreciate modern technological factors and in accordance with the requirements of investors such as treatment capacity, treated water standards, operating costs, degree of automation, service life, training and technology transfer.


We had a wide experience in building the wastewater treatment plant for concentrated industrial parks, urban centers, hospitals, recreation services, food industry, textile dyeing, tanning, hazardous waste, petroleum storage, leachate from the landfill ..
Vu Hoang has always focused on the quality of works from design engineering to complete construction.

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