Wastewater treatment plant operation

With a competent team of engineers and skilled workers who have considerable experience together with good chemicals supplying services  Vu Hoang has offered wastewater treatment plant operation services to many clients across the country. You could totally rely on our efficient services in any issues relate to wastewater plant operation.


Operation services include: chemical and labor providing, system operation, equipment maintenance and follow all procedures related to environmental problems of the plant in compliance with governmental laws.


Since  2007  Vu Hoang has offered operation services to many clients in textile and dyeing industries included: the Global Dyeing treatment station with capacity Q = 7,000 m3/ day,  wastewater treatment plant textile dyeing company VINA SAMIL with capacity 3,500 m3 / day and wastewater treatment plant for textile dyeing company JungWoo with a capacity of 3,000 m3/ day. More information about our clients